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In May of 2017 I completed McInbass #11. It is the same model as #9, derived from the Piattellini. It is made from Cottonwood for the back and sides, Red Spruce for the top, and Red Maple for the neck and tailpiece, all sourced locally so it is the 8th bass in my Taconic Series.

#11 Taconic Swing

In June 2017 I entered #11 into the ISB Makers Competition in Ithaca, New York. It won Honorable Mention Convention Favorite.

The Cottonwood is from a tree that grew in the front yard of the house where my wife grew up and had her swing hanging from a limb. On the label I call this bass the Taconic Swing. The back is a one-piece slab.

#11 is for sale at the Cincinnati Bass Cellar.


“English” Bass

English bass, circa 1910

English bass, circa 1910. There’s been some question as to whether it’s really English. It’s for sale at the Cincinnati Bass Cellar.  The asking price is $35,000



42″ string length



Quartered spruce top, English Sycamore back and sides.



This bass is currently for sale at the Cincinnati Bass Cellar.


IMG_4372 IMG_4376