Robbie McIntosh, Luthier

Specializing in the Double Bass


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My name is Robbie McIntosh. From a young age I’ve had parallel interests in making music and in making things. In 1993, those interests came together when I embarked on the restoration of a double bass for my daughter. What had been my cabinetmaking shop for 20 years became a bass repair shop, and I’ve been restoring and making basses now for the last 29 years.

I offer a full range of bass repair and restoration services. I also make basses from scratch. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems with your bass.


Repairing the upper rib


I’ve made a bass modeled after¬†Jeremy McCoy’s Domenico Busan, 1749. It was awarded a Silver Medal for Tone at the VSA convention in Cleveland, November 2016. It is owned by Robin Brawley.


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